Out Of Reach

by I'm An Intestine

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released February 5, 2015



all rights reserved


I'm An Intestine Tampa, Florida

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Track Name: Trifle
As the new generation of talk show hosts rifled in we were bound and gagged until they told us which emotion to feel on the teleprompter. So later on in the evening the television full of prosthetic faces could shit on every living room floor in america.Now you can watch them.Interact.Play along with the laugh track.
Track Name: Carnivore/Cannibal
Teeth ripping ,tearing. Separate flesh and bone.Conditioning?Or human nature?Mankind’s indifference to animal life.Who are we to choose their fate?When they’re all gone,how long until we eat each other?
Track Name: Picture Perfect
Survival of the fittest.The urge to procreate.To make little clones and mold them into what you wanted to be or what you have accomplished.To fill an empty sad void.To be dominant.Now you can smile.Be so proud.Possibly not be lonely in old feeble dirt.To fill gender roles,a dominant provider or a caring nurturer.Don’t dare step out of line.YOU WOULDN’T WANT TO LET THEM DOWN,WOULD YOU?
Track Name: Best Friends
You killed for them in the name of dirt.Or was it for printed faces of dead men to spend?Great men crossing boundaries or villains marking milestones?Your dad and his dad did the same for us.Pride or shame,what do you call it in the end?A failure.A nightmare.An atrocity or a fucking horror story.Or maybe it’s just textbook etiquette.
Track Name: Forward Motions
Moving in unison.One forward motion with no thought process.This is mechanical. Lives caught in gears.Moving each other’s day to day.There is no higher ground to be had.Just back and forth LIFE/DEATH.I can’t take it.I won’t accept it.I will break a cog before this becomes mechanical.
Track Name: Fed Up
Rage. Hate. Devouring. Consuming.Becoming.Fear.Contempt.The product of years of mental abuse.Worked like a dog until my hands are raw and bleeding. Strip away my humanity until all that’s left is a mindless drone.Failure was never an option,until you made it the only choice.Never satisfied.Always wanting more.A body can only take so much before it breaks
Track Name: Final Wave
We’ve done it again for the last time. There will be no coming around the corner.No more smiles. We’re all broken.We’re all in this goodbye for the same reasons.
Track Name: Description
Beaten and fractured.Such shallow dreams we limp through.Let them cut off our hands.Let them bind up our feet.Pursuing half-assed accomplishments.Crutch.The strung up ideals only caught by the teeth.Being compliant gives no room to breathe.Holding hands with plagues.We dig our graves.Won’t catch your death.Vacant agendas grip our generation.Mindless part of this smothering existence.Trampled by progress.
Track Name: This is not a fucking game
Turn a blind eye to violence and hatred.Ignorance and intolerance are unacceptable.The world is a terrible place whether you care to admit it or not.You know what’s wrong.You know what’s right.Don’t pretend your fucking deaf.Don’t pretend your fucking blind because apathy is deadly.Don’t wait until it happens to you.
Track Name: Filed Down
Rot.I won’t live through you’re backwards visions.Giving up functions on a daily plane.Repetition.Repulsion.Traditions.Ceremonies.The grand act of everyday life.Becoming involved.Becoming Evolved. Becoming extinct.
Track Name: Enslaved
I won’t be you’re fucking slave. No i’m not your sheep.No i won’t follow.A smile and a handshake are not enough to shake the feeling i’ve got a gun on my back. No i won’t beg. No i won’t kiss your ass. No i’m no one’s slave.