Nailbiter Split

by I'm An Intestine

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released September 3, 2012



all rights reserved


I'm An Intestine Tampa, Florida

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Track Name: Tagged
Born into cages,branded and labeled.Raised full of meds,antibiotics to keep infections out of their bodies. Introduced to the knife.Knee deep in shit ,this is NOT life
Track Name: Bow
We all bow to our own kings and queens.Gods and murderers
,aluminum and glass the making of slaves. We have these emperors to lay down with. We have these emperors to betray
Track Name: Mutt's Best Friend
Behind kennel fences tears from their eyes all hope is lost as you walk right by.ADOPT DON'T SHOP. Five hundred bucks for your perfect pup seventy bucks could get you your mutt.
Track Name: Guest
Latched on Burrowing Infiltrated embedded.Consuming growing breeding burrowing.Dying Latched on in repetition .Making a home has never been so destructive. Infiltrated,the mind is now over ridden. Controlled from a guests perspective
Track Name: Disarm
Death,Destruction ,billions of lives extinguished with the push of a button.Chaos,ruin,nothing is left but ashes and dirt.Annihilation will come by the hand of man if nothing is done,our time is running out.Disarm them now before it’s too late.Nuclear apocalypse we’re all fucked.Modern day Hiroshima.Mass extinction
Track Name: Starving
Instrumental conditioning frustration,this grief of terror this adaption of existing outside their world.Learning to grow our own book gills to keep us from drowning in debt
Track Name: No Solicitors
Selling salvation door to door like magazine subscriptions.One easy payment of your eternal soul or else face damnation in the fiery pits of hell Thanks for your time see you on Sunday
Track Name: They Won't Stop
Buy and sell on your behalf /They won’t stop till they see us dead/conditioned from the start on worth and self value // dig out every corner we find life in// to sell us death fucked traditions of hate greed and violence .Give us enough to hope for but keep it out of reach. Destroying everything we find joy in // Collapse our souls,drug our minds // Demolish every shelter we may find // and condemn every building //Give us enough to hope for but always keep it out of reach.